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Yukine Noragami ) 9 post with the regalia tsudere || 


Why Eren Jaeger?

  • Eren Jaeger - Eren [Er-en, E-ren] is Turkish/Celtic in origin. It’s meaning is literally taken from the word Eren, which means Saint. Jaeger [Ya-ger, Je-ger] is German in origin (Jäger.) It means Hunter or Huntsman. Hajime Isayama put these two words together as a means of describing the protagonist Eren. He is aHunter of titans and an extremely virtuous person, one having no equal because of his devotion and willpower to kill all titans, making him a Saint. Eren Jaeger is the Saint who hunts Titans. (x)

Yato and Ebisu chpt. 38


 メカクシ団 コンプリート!

oh yeah work them legs!

Home inside but lost for life.
Home inside but lost for life.